Class Times :-

Wednesday and Friday: 6pm
Thursday 6.30pm
One hour classes, £5 a session.

Places are limited please call or mail to book your place

Kettlebell workouts have been around for a few centuries but are now more popular than ever due to the amazing intense workouts and devastating effectiveness and versatility of this amazing piece of portable equipment.

This strange exercise tool resembling a cannon ball with a handle on it is one hell of an intense and powerful way to tone up and get fit. Each class lasts one hour and includes a thorough warm up, kettlebell, core and stretching session? Give it a try and see for yourself, you will be amazed just how effective this piece of equipment is and how quickly you see and feel the results..Mike

Pilates Classes (£5)

Monday 7.45pm Smeeth Road, Marshland St James
Thursday 10am and 11.30am Smeeth Road, Marshland St James
Friday 11.15 Smeeth Road, Marshland St James

Please call for any details

Justine 01945 430991